Pubblifest offers a wide range of modular prefabricated tribunes in galvanized steel single angle (15% of inclination and step height 20 cm.), appropriate to  events to both internal and external events ensuring perfect visibility, as well as a significant increase of seats per unit area than a normal engaged audience of chairs.

The prefabricated structural elements are perfectly coupled to each other and interchangeable, allowing the realization of a wide range of combinations and different solutions, starting with three steps from the ground until to twenty or thirty steps can cover any surface and any gradient.

It is also available raised M 1 / 2 Floor.

There are two types of seating: economic with sitting on benches, and elegant sitting on the backrest cl1-piece flame retardant.

All structures are equipped with static calculations and fireproofing of seats

Fact Sheet
FrameGalvanized Steel
Coverto be carried out by independent type structures domes (see picture) or tents
Inclination15% easy, everyone stepped cm. 20
Modularitywidth or depth depending on the number of steps (eg, 3 tiers 2.10 m., 7.00 m. 10 steps, 15 steps 10.50 meters, etc..) Modules in front of m. 1.575 aggregatable at will
Berthsothers there are