Vela stand on Strings

In this sense, technological innovation represented by contemporary materials such as steel and the PVC membrane, dress the older forms, harmonizing with modern taste, the present with the past.

The aesthetic result is first-rate allows an elegant and harmonious integration of these covers in contexts of high historical value, artistic and environmental.

Unlike what happens with classic marquees, which require heavy anchors to the ground, the structure Sailing realizes its structural stability through the balance between the static tensile strength of PVC roofing membrane and the corresponding reactions of traction provided by the steel arches.

The result is a reduced need for anchors compared to the usual marquees. The structure is assembling both standard on all sides allowing wide flexibility.

This version adds the lightweight PVC crystal clear transparency of the technology of the form.

Fact Sheet
Basic Modulem. 10,00x10,00
FrameGalvanized steel, the shape is obtained by the intersection of a prism with a square base with two hyperbolic paraboloids rotated 90 degrees in plant and mutual intersection. For simplicity of construction four arcs slightly lowered, close to all sixth, replace the arcs of parabola contour, and the result is reminiscent of a semicircular vault, where the vaults are replaced by two paraboloids and ribs from the diagonal cables tensioning.
CoverRoof sheeting and sliding or fixed, or white PVC windows, obscured, or in transparent crystal
Modularitym. 10x10 aggregate 4 sides
Anchoro the ground with pitons or iron weights hidden under the plates of the feet

The facilities are equipped with static calculations and certified fire retardant sheeting .