Stand Domus

It features presents a bay without any obstacles in m. 12.5 / 8.5 and modularity in length m. 8 / 4, the columns are placed only along the perimeter allowing full freedom of action and a wide flexibility in the arrangement of appliances and kitchen equipment for the whole area actually covered.

Roof and side walls are made of corrugated sheets of lacquered washable aluminum, optimal solution for both requirements and for those of ASL ans VV.FF.  Slits in the top and the base of the side walls allow the evacuation of combustion gases and air recycling of kitchen, making the structure conforms to the use of LPG and natural gas appliances.

This stand can be used both as food and as a restaurant

Fact Sheet
FrameGalvanized steel, roof and side walls of corrugated sheet of washable aluminum.
ModularityWidth m 12,5 / 8,5
Length modules M 8 / 4 as a shelter on each side of m. 0,90
Weight module m. X8 12.5 kg. 1800
Anchorto the ground with concrete or ballast pitons

Stand is equipped with perimeter gutter to collect rainwater.

Particularly secure the locking of the plates to the roof.

Stand is equipped with static calculations and certificates of approval.