Dance Floor

Track is constructed with panels and box-shaped sections of pavement m. 0.92 x183 galvanized. Very strong, light, the plan guarantees an optimal level and smooth glide suitable for dancing.

Wooden dancefloor cheaper than the previous one, made of interlocking boards of fire retardant plywood.

Metal track Data sheet
Framegalvanized steel
Coverda realizzarsi con stand tipo luna, cupole, ecc.
Modularitya module m 3.90 x3, 90 m footprint 8x8
Capacity400 Kg / sqm.
Accessoriesslide corrugated steel available on request
Wooden path Data Sheet
Structurefire retardant plywood
Coverto be carried out with stand type Luna, Cupole, etc...
Modularityon one side of a meter, to m. 0.5 in 0,5 to the other