Pavimentazioni e Pedane

The self-locking system: each platform has a wooden moral that block it to the adjacent preventing any hindrance and favoring the greatest union between the various platforms.

The original locking system also allows you to ensure widespread distribution of weights reduces to limit the fluctuations due to pedestrian traffic and to heavy weights or machines.

The overall stiffness of the entire floor is guaranteed by the robustness of the platform, consisting not by small axes, but of a single panel m. 4×0, 5, thickness mm. 27.

The flooring as a whole looks like a wide slats 5cm parquet. color natural wood and walnut brown .

The pavement as a whole looks like a parquet strips color natural wood or brown walnut.The system designed by metal beams Pubblifest warrant the laying of the pavement to cover any kind of altitude and inclination.

Limited slip footrests Technical Data
Structurestructural building panels "ARMO" mm. 27, polished on the upper surface and treated with fire-retardant. Moral cm. Screwed under the 5x5 panel, total thickness cm platforms. 7,7
ModularityDock m. 4x0, 5, 3x0, 5, 2x0, 5 combinable with each other
AppearanceFlat natural colored spruce or pine, exposed wood treated with fire-retardant transparent opaque color
Pedane Tradizionali Dati Tecnici
PrivateNo 6 cm of pine boards. Planed and assembled with 11 mm thick studs. 25 cm total thickness of the platform. 5
ModularityDock m. 4x0, 66, 2x0, 66, aggregated with each other
AppearanceFlat, brown-dark walnut

The platforms are equipped with certificates of fireproofing


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