Stages, Covers, Amplifications and Lights

Stages, Walkways

The stage for shows (or high stage) has a height that can vary from m 0.98 m. 1.55, is ideal for concerts, exhibitions, catwalk

The raised platform (or low stage) has a height that can vary cm. 43 cm. 75, is ideal for smaller shows, piano bar, a raised platform for president and conferences.

The height is adjustable to the millimeter with telescopic legs and leveling of the structure that can be mounted on slopes or even on staircases.

Both types have a base module m. 2×2 or m. 2×1 that allows you to create any size, surface and ensure great strength and robustness of the stage which is certified for 600 kg/m2 flow.

The floor is wood fire retardant.

The rails made of galvanized steel in accordance with , 300 kg / m of scale boost with anti-slip steps At addition to facilities .

Slides are available on request for disabled or loading and unloading materials music

Fact Sheet
Framegalvanized steel
Floor or walking surface of plywood pallets cm. 3 fireproofing on both sides
ModularityModules m. 2x2 or 2x1, depending on customer needs all measures in meters meters
HeightLow stage or raised platform height. 43 / 75
High stage cm high. 99 / 155
Capacity600 kg / m 2 Structure
Railing Galvanized steel thrust resistance 300 kg / m
AccessoriesClass 1 fire-retardant carpet color of your choice
Skirt to cover the foot of the stage, in class 1 fire retardant TNT color of your choice
Cover type and size to be agreed (if necessary)

The facilities are equipped with static calculations and fireproofing certificates

Covers for stages and Towers in multi-directional

The big covers for boxes are the last sector investment company.

More often organization of major events requires to provide to the market large covers, read, aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced.

Our covers have a flap structure and casing in aluminum boxes. Their special design can binds its light weight and high elasticity of the whole with stability, allowing the creation of various sizes covering and different heights.

The covers are all powered and can be raised or lowered as needed on columns that can be in aluminum, rather than in multi-directional tubular towers that allow you to stay, within them, cases of amplification and the headlights light of the concerts.

The weather protection is also ensured by a two-tone flame retardant PVC sheath.

Pubblifest multi-directional tubular allows the construction of towers and any other structure of any height and size requirements for lighting, audio and video.

Amplifications – Lights – Video

Pubblifest is able to provide audio, video and light with functional and modern technical solutions for large and small productions.

Skilled technicians will advise and assist you to achieve the best possible concerts, conferences, fashion shows, business meetings, etc.. using the most appropriate technical solutions.

All this providing the necessary assistance throughout the duration of the event wherever you are.