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Warehouses and Depots

The temporary installation does not involve the application for planning permission.

The willingness to hire is almost immediate, and installation can occur within 24/48 hours of your order.

The size and height allow trouble-free access to trucks and forklifts.

With tennis m. 10-15-20-24-25-30 and modularity M 5 in 5 provide maximum adaptability in any situation.

The facilities are equipped with static calculations and certificates of fireproofing sheets

Fact Sheet
StrutturaProfilato di alluminio.
CoperturaTetti e chiusure laterali in PVC bianco, oscurato o cristal trasparente
ModularitàLa larghezza dell'interasse varia da m. 10/15/20/24/25/30/35/40/50, mentre la lunghezza e' modulare di m. 5 in 5 (es. m. 10, 15, 20 e così via)
AncoraggioAl suolo con fittoni della lunghezza di m. 1 oppure con zavorre in cemento o bilette in metallo lungo i due fianchi