La ns Squadra

Pubblifest is structured in different phases of work involving stages in sequence and other in diachronic parallelized structure.

Such moments can be identified as follows:

  • Survey;
  • Design and evaluation of best answers in response to customer needs;
  • Estimates of trade;
  • Processing and preparation of stock;
  • Transport of materials on site;
  • Set up and run the operational steps in close collaboration with customers, both during the assembly, than in those of disassembly;
  • Help and advice prior to and subsequent to the event;

At any time is possible attach a precise figure or a set of figures responsible for the stage.

These are us:


  • Alfiero Turci

Director and Sales Manager:

  • Davide Simoncelli

Head of operations, logistics, personnel:

  • Marco Lelli

Technical Office Manager:

  • Vincenzo Ragazzini

Administrative Office Manager:

  • Carlo Guardigli

Administrative Office Manager:

  • Ambra Lodola

Head of Sales Department:

  • Giuseppe Zoli

Operational managers of stock:

  • Mauro Longo
  • Teodoro Grippo
  • Sid Ali Abarar

Operational managers of worksite:

  • Marco Temeroli,
  • Daniele Ravaioli,
  • Alessandro Bertini
  • Sergy Kovalskiy
  • Vitaly Tychonovich
  • Adrian Szabo
  • Cornel Cirdan
  • Daniele Ravaglioli
  • Paolo De Simone